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i love to draw, but i also love to hunt, fish, archery, swimming, ect. ect. XD i love to draw my Oc's the most and work on my comic book/ illustration. BUT MOST OF ALL I LOVE IT WHEN I GET COMMENTS ON MY PIECES, TO READ AND MAKE FRIENDS X3
My DA sisters are > :iconajinu-okami: , :iconjackbkewl: , :iconhinatafox790: , :iconeyes-of-inferno: , :iconsango152: , :icondarkshuka: , :iconthelonelygurl: ,and :iconsassydragon18: if u wanna be my sister let me know X3

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Ch.16 What he almost lost

~Back to Damion and Sophie~

When Rookie disappeared in a puff of smoke, Damion threw some more logs into the fireplace and settled down in the chair that was next to the bed, as he got settled, Sophie spoke up. “Please lay next to me,” Sophie speaks with but a whisper as she lifted her gaze to meet his. He wanted to, but was still hesitant of her injuries.

When he didn’t answer her, she reached out for his hand and held onto his talon fingers, “You’re not going to hurt me if you hold me, Damion,” she chided lightly.

Her plea broke through his hesitation, as he shifted his clothing into sleeping attire; sliding into the bed, against her back as her head rested on his shoulder. She lightly chuckled at how Damion’s arm was cautiously draped over her, before she clasped it with her right hand and pulled his arm up snuggly between her arms as her bandaged breast was lightly pressed against his forearm. She hummed contently was he tucked his legs more behind hers, feeling every muscle stretch and flex around her; giving her the security she missed every time he had to leave to collect and slay.

He suppressed a groan when she rubbed up more against him; it was difficult to control his composure. It was going to feel like eternity before he could hold her-fully love her like he ached to do, but for now, this would have to do. “Better?” He asked hoarsely as he moved his nose to rest behind her head.

“Hmm, much better.” She released a sigh as she whispered, “Good night.”

He rested his cheek against her head, “Good night little one.”


The sun had just begun to rise when Damion stirred from his sleep, his brows furrowing when he could hear a faint whimper. Heavy lids opened to see Sophie curled in a ball, with a crinkled brow as small whimpers continued to escape her slip lip.

Instantly rising on an elbow Damion leaned over her, “What’s wrong?” His voice was thick with concern, as he brushed the long bangs from her tightly shut eyes.

“It’s m-my back.” She cringed when she tried to straighten out again, only to feel a spear of pain. When Sophie felt her nightgown and sweater shift and disappear as Damion’s hands roamed her bare-bandaged back. She clasped his hand desperately and guided in to the pinching pain that was on the lower half of her back; he could feel an invertebrate out of place.

It needed to be pushed back into place, but he hesitated; mortal’s bones were frail compared to a soul collector’s. What if he used to much pressure?

‘…What if I hurt her?’

 ‘You won’t.’ He was a warrior with great control of his skills! Not a coward, and right now she needed his help. He steeled his nerves as he turned his talons into blunt nails, not wanting to cut her skin then laid her on her stomach and straightened her out; a whimper escaped her lips again from the movement, but it had to be done.

He gently rubbed her back in small circles, trying to relax her before he had to pop the invertebrate back into place. “Take a deep breath…and slowly breathe out.” As she exhales you could hear a loud popping noise and a small cry after, before her whole body relaxed and was finally able to stretch out. Still on her stomach she released a sigh and said, “oh thank you,” kissing his fingers that came to rest on her shoulder.

She could feel him relax by her side again, but continued to massage her back. His fingers expertly un-tightening the muscles as small sighs of pleasure escaped her. His hand heated up, like he was a walking heat pack as he worked on the deep tissue, practically curling her toes from his touch.

The demon could smell and enticing aroma and stilled. A smirk crossed his face when he realized she was aroused. He made a mental note to use this for another time when he could make her putty in his hands the next time they had a steamy moment.

Sophie bit her lip nervously as a blush crossed her face, when Damion’s hand stilled before he continue to massage her. He knew! She could feel that devilish smirk on his face! At least he wasn’t bringing it up…or so she hoped.

“As enticing as you smell, I don’t think it’s a good idea to do ‘that’ just yet.”

She couldn’t help feeling the little pang in her chest at the thought of him not being attracted to her for looking half dead, “Makes sense since I look like this at the moment.” She felt his thumb and forefinger grasp her chin and turned her head to look at him.

“That’s not the reason I’m holding back on you, and you know it. I will not risk hurting you further while you're in this state. Your wounds will fade and your bones will heal in good time, until then I will wait for you. If it’s one thing I have its patients.”

 A goofy grin crossed her face. “Accept when it comes to Rookie interrupting us.”

His face grew serious, “That… would take the patiences of a saint.” When she giggled at him his eyes shifted to her mouth.

He couldn’t help himself as the demon brushed his lips against hers before claiming them in a gentle caress then planting a smaller one after it on the corner of her lips and pulling back to see her green eyes take on a shine of longing.

 The demon cleared his throat and decided to change the subject for the both of them, “What do you want for breakfast?”

She looked away sheepishly- thinking cheeky thoughts, before looking at him again, “Oatmeal sounds good.”

“Alright,” he quickly did a once over, “and after breakfast I should also change your bandages.” He reluctantly left her side, and covered her back up with the quilt before leaving for the kitchen.

Rookie was already up cooking up everybody’s breakfast; chucking Ruby a ham bone before putting the plates on the table.

“What does she want for breakfast?” The rookie asked, as he washed the pan.

Damion sat down in front of his plate, “Oatmeal.”

As Rookie cooked the oatmeal, Damion quickly ate his meal so he could give Sophie her breakfast as soon as it was done. Having Rookie cook for Sophie again didn’t bruise his male ego as much today, but then again they seemed to have gained a better understanding of each other.

When Rookie finished cooking the oatmeal, he added some honey to it before handing it to Damion. He looked to Rookie with gratitude, “When you’ve finished your breakfast, practice your spells while I attend to Sophie; I’ll join you later.”

Rookie watched his mentor walk off out of the kitchen, before sitting down to enjoy his own breakfast. He wouldn’t say it out loud, but he missed having Sophie eat with them. She always had a way of making it feel like they were a family.

He slouched in his chair more, ‘I hate how quiet it is here without her.’ Not feeling as hungry as he was this morning, he gave Ruby some of his bacon.


She struggled to breath as claws were wrapped around her throat tightly; suspending her from the ground. The face the sneered at her was that of her uncle, contorted to that of the face of a monster. Tears pricked her eyes as she struggled for air from his iron grip. She cried out, “No!”

“Sophie. Wake up!”

She awoke with a ‘Gasp!’ as her hand went straight to her bandaged throat. She took steady breaths when she realized it was but a nightmare. She looked to see it was Damion’s voice she heard in the darkness, as he loomed over her bed.

Damion’s brows creased with worry as he wiped the sweat from her brow. “Shh, you’re alright now.” He knew she would have nightmares of that bastard for a while.

Sophie cleared her throat and felt a sickly burning in her throat, “I-it was just a bad dream.” She tried to pull herself up, but Damion already had his hands at her sides and slide her up the bed with ease. She felt his colossal hand over her moist forehead, and saw his brow crease more.

“You feel a little warm” he stated, as he pulled back his hand.

“That’s bound to happen with the injuries I’ve sustained.”

“Hn. You need rest…we’ll pick up Rookie’s reading lessons tomorrow.”

She wanted to argue with him, but he was right. The room did feel a little fuzzy, “Alright.”

“Here,” He offered the spoon full of oatmeal to her lips and she willingly accepted it. The honey temporarily relieved her of her burning throat. “It’s delicious. Rookies getting better,” She smiled a small smile as she accepted another spoon full.


When Damion finished serving Sophie her breakfast he sat behind her and began to unravel the binding around her breast and limbs; he could feel her embarrassment radiate off her as she was left in nothing but her underwear again; not wanting him to see her body like this. But he had an idea in mind that would show her that he still desired her.

“Read to me,” the demon encouraged as he gave her a distraction.

She pulled a leather bound book into her lap; it was one of her favorites and strangely reminded her alot of her and Damion. She must have read this book at least five times now.

“Beauty and the Beast?” She could feel the smile on his face, as he made fun of her.

“Oh shoosh! It’s one of my favorites.” She quickly flipped through the pages to where she last left off and began to read out loud to him. Though he was listening, his hands seemed to have a mind of their own.

She nearly choked on her words when she felt his rough hand graze the underneath of a breast as he applied salve to a wound right beneath her last rib. His touch was slow against her skin that sent her flesh into goose bumps and for a moment she forgot about her stiff and sore muscles. Oh how her body betrayed her, but now was not the time for this.


His voice was low as he whispered in her ear, “Keep reading.”

‘Easier said than done you cheeky demon!’ She huffed at him, but tried to read where she left off. A page later both his hands were just beneath her breast, his fingers splayed out against her ribcage before they slowly creeped up north to the soft mounts.

She fumed at him as she turned bright red, “Damion!”

He pressed his nose against her neck, “Read,” he asked pleadingly.

She could feel her eyebrow muscle begin to twitch before she turned to look at him. He was giving her that cheeky grin again! “What do I look like? A strip and read?”

Damion released a deep laugh- no dough he enjoyed the idea of her playing a naughty librarian. She could feel it vibrate from his chest against her back and felt a jolt of pleasure rake down her spin.

“I am merely massaging you as Granny insisted I do for you aching joints~”

She sputtered at him before she said, “Last I checked, breasts aren't joints.” Though she couldn't stop the goofy grin that crossed her face at his antics.

“Correct but they are aching flesh,” as he pointed out the tiny peeks of her breasts, “Should I massage those to?”

She crossed her arms to hide the evidence of his power over her, “Will you behave yourself and get me bandaged up before Rookie comes walking in and see’s us like this! I don’t want him to see my breast again like the last incident!”

He chuckled deeply but agreed she had a point, “Alright little one, I’ll behave myself.” He remained true to his word as he finished apply the salve and soon have her all bandaged up again- and at her request re-dressed in her nightgown. 

Damion leaned her back against the head board of the bed and sat in front of her now; idly moving her bangs from her eyes, “Your hair has gotten longer.”

“Yours too,” she mused as her eyes caressed the beautiful black strands that now reached just passed his shoulders; the first time she met him, the back part of his hair just met the nap of his neck. She loved being able to run her fingers through the now longer silky strands.

“Should I cut it?”

That immediately snapped her out of her daydream.“Oh no, I like it this length.” She blew at the annoying long strands that fell back over her face, “Though my bangs could use a trim.”  ‘But with both of my arms damaged I wouldn't be able to even hold up a pair of scissors-not unless I wished to risk poking my eye out,’ she thought with a pout.

She heard Damion chuckle under his breath, as if he knew what she was thinking, “Hold still.”  The demon threaded his claw fingers through her bangs; making a pinching, twisting motion to slice a golden strand off and let it fall down on her quilt covered lap.

Sophie smiled at his cleverness and allowed him to continue to trim her bangs, never afraid of his claws being so close to her skin. When she felt his fingers graze her cheek then move to her chin to tilt her head back she closed her eyes trustingly. His hand slide further down to rest at her neck while his free hand continued trim the golden trestles; when he finished his eyes gazed back down to the heavy bruises around her neck, where his fingers still rest. The demon recalled all her memories, emotions, and fears of her attack…and how she saw him.

‘How can she be so calm with my claws at her throat when she saw me slaughter her attacker mercilessly with these same claws?”

He found himself asking out loud, “Are you afraid of me?” He watched her eyes open and round in surprise before softening, understanding what he meant.

“No…because it’s you,” she rested her head against his, “But I am afraid for you… I want to protect you.”

She felt his brow furrow, before he grumbled, “I’m not a helpless child.”Though he did feel his chest stir from her concern for him.

She released a small chuckle, “I know I know I’m the frail, little human and you’re the all powerful demon, but someone’s got to look out for you.”

A small fit of coughs escaped her lips as her fingers found her sore throat. Damion noted that her temperature was warmer than before, and a blush flushed her face down to her collar bone.

The demon gently laid her back against the pillows before giving her a drink of water to numb any pain and summoned a damp cloth to place on her forehead. He then plucked the cut golden strands off the quilt and threw them in the bin next to the bed. “Rest now, Sophie. If you need me just call.”

She rested her head against the pillows and nodded at him with a weak smile, sighing in relief from the cool cloth on her skin. She watched him hesitantly leave the room before her heavy lids won the battle and snuggled more into the mattress.


Damion found Rookie sitting on the ground in the greenhouse practicing one of his recently newest spell; trying to summon a flower pot from the other side of the indoor garden. The clay pot shook and rattled but didn’t turn to smoke to reappear in front of the young demon. His keen sense of hearing could hear the boy release a frustrated growl under his breath.

“You’re thinking too much. Clear your mind.”

Rookie snapped his head around to find his mentor staring down at him, “I’m trying! I just can’t clear my damn head.”

“Hn,” His mentor then lifted his hand, the flower pot instantly appearing from a burst of smoke in his palm. “If you can’t clear your head then concentrate on just that one goal instead and it’s yours.” The demon then sent the flower pot back to the other end of the green house.

“Try again.”

Rookie glared at the flower pot again with his sharp eyes tempted to just set the plant on fire and forget this lesson. ‘Then again I might piss off Sophie for burning one of her plants,’ he mused.

He focused again- extending his breathing as he imagined that damn plant in his hands. It began to shake and vibrate again before a puff of smoke consumed it and the next land none too gently on his lap. He winced from the force but quickly recovered as he smugly smiled at his achievement.

“Better, but work on the landing or else next time it might land on your head from a 20 foot drop.”

He gave his mentor a droll stare, “Sheesh- What does it take to get a ‘good job’ from you?”

“When you earn it,” His apprentice scratched his nose with his middle finger as he gave Damion an irritated glare. ‘Disrespectful little prick.’

The wind blew harshly over the dome, the windows shaking from the blizzard outside.  

Rookie grimaced at the harsh wind and snow, “Looks like we’re going to have a cold night ahead of use…shit.” His shoulders sagged a little more at the thought of going out in that, but then a thought accrued to him, “You don’t think Rosie will try and walk in this blizzard do you?”

“I believe not. Though she is a determined woman she is also wise to stay indoors out of the storm.”

“Wouldn’t that leave Sophie all alone when were gone? Why don’t we just go get Rosie ourselves?”

Damion lightly shook his head at him, “Too risky. Many mortals will be gathering together in homes that are in better conditions to stay warm. We would most certainly be seen when we appear from smoke and we cannot draw unwanted attention to Rosie, the town might accuse her being a witch and things would only get worse from there.”

The rookie began to scratch the back of his head in irritation, “So we’re just going to leave Sophie by herself? What if she needs something?”

His mentor pinched the bridge of his nose as his apprentice began to ramble. “That why you’re staying and I’m going tonight.”

“…You’re allowed to do that? I’m kinda surprised you’re volunteering to go in that blizzard instead of being next to Sophie.”

‘Don’t remind me.’ “We don’t have much choice Rookie. While I’m a seasoned warrior who is numb to the elements, my cooking skills aren’t adequate to properly nourish Sophie. While you are still learning the ways of the collector and a big baby when it comes to the cold-”


“Shut up and let me finish! You are not ready to go out there on your own yet, but your cooking skills are acceptable. It’s the only logical choice in this situation.”

The young demon sat up and folded his hands in his hoodie pocket. “Okay, you have a point.”

 He looked at his mentor and knew there was something else on the demons mind, “Something else wrong?”

“…I fear Sophie may be coming down with something, her temperature is warmer." The demon raked his fingers through his hair," It’s times like this I wish I knew how to fully care for a mortal.”

The young demon nodded his head in understandment and put his mentor at ease, “I’ll keep an eye on her.”

Damion lightly bowed humbly to his apprentice, “You have my thanks.” He then summoned two bamboo sticks and tossed one to Rookie who lifted an eyebrow at him. “But don’t think I will spare you a work out session since your taking the night off. Besides I need my warm up before I fight the real battles outside these walls.”

The boy actually smirked and got into a fighting stance, “Tish- Please I’m more of a challenge then those beasts.” He shot forward and their sticks collided with a loud smack, they could feel the shock of the force through their chest. They began to circle each other, they would come in for an attack and back away a safe distance. The rookie was actually holding his own but still didn’t have the stamina his mentor possessed.

 Rookie breathed heavily, his brow sweating as he held his weapon in front of him, while Damion still looked completely calm and cool.


He dove in for the kill, preparing to strike Damion across his ribs, but his mentor thwarted the move and now the Rookie’s hands were each encased in the mighty demons grasp-trapping him as Damion’s forehead collided with his and sent the rookie to the ground.

The young demon hissed in pain as he gripped his forehead, “Damn it, that’s playing dirty! I almost had you!”

His mentor chuckled down at him before lending him a hand, “You do what it takes to win in battles, Rookie. That’s the number one rule in surviving.”

They young demon brushed himself off, “Best two out of three?”

~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

At the end their little brawl, that lasted three hours, Rookie still didn’t defeat his mentor, but the young demon was improving. He then went to the kitchen to work on a broth to be Sophie’s lunch and dinner later, while Damion got ready to leave early since he would be flying in strong, freezing winds soon.

After Damion finished fastening his soul bag to his belt, and tightening his boots he retrieved a clean cloth next to the sink and soaked it to be used for Sophie’s feverish head, before he had to leave for the night. He slowly cracked open the door to see Sophie as he left her, but could hear the scratchiness in her throat as she breathed. He walked with eerily silence to the bed and sat next to her; the dip in the bed stirring her from sleep.

“Hey”, she said weakly.

“Hey.”The demon checked her forehead again before changing the damp cloth, “How are you feeling?”  

Terrible,’ but she didn’t want to worry him.“I’m feeling fine,” her eye caught sight of Damion’s soul bag tied on his belt loop, “are you leaving already?”

“Yeah. The winds are strong, but I’ll be back before you know it,” he reassured her as he adjusted the quilt.

She looked outside the window and saw the wind blow violently; thrashing the veil of snow in every direction and already she began to worry about him. ‘I wish you didn’t have to go…but I can’t be selfish.’

 “Alright. Don’t forget your scarf.”

A small chuckle escaped his lips, before he pulled open his nightstand drawer and pulled out the crimson scarf, wrapping it around his neck as to please Sophie. It worked as she smiled at him and was able to move her arms to reach his shoulders and adjust the soft cloth.

“Rookie will be in here soon to feed you some chicken broth,” he kissed her knuckles.

She reviled his soft, warm lips on her damaged fingers, “Stay safe.”

He laid her arms back down and spoke softly, “Get well,” before leaving her side for tonight. As soon as he left Sophie laid on her side and clutched her mid-section. Whatever she caught, she was feeling worse as her scorching throat hurt worse. The water left for her wasn’t relieving the burning sensation in the least and she feared if she drank anymore she’d empty out her stomach that was already feeling queasy. She continued to take slow steady breaths to prevent hurling, but stayed near the trash bin next to the bed if she had no choice. She shivered even though she was covered head to toe, and yet she felt hot at the same time.

‘Please be back soon.’


She didn’t know how long she laid curled up before the feeling of sickness was too much. She tried to lean over to reach the trash bin. Her eyesight blurred as her arm wavered, and her head began to feel heavy; soon dizziness consumed her as she slide of the bed and hit the floor with a wince. Sophie bit back a cry as she felt one of her wounds reopen, and her bones and muscles crying out from the fall. She tried to get up only to wince in pain.

She breathed gulps of air to fill her lungs to call out as loud as she could, “R-rookie! H-help!”


The young demon was dozing off as he swirled the spoon in the stew pot; the scent of broth filling his nose as he drew the spoon out; swiping his finger across the ladle and tasting the soup.

“Eh~ could us a little more salt,” he mused as he added a pinch more salt.

His ear twitch as the demon heard a mysterious ‘thump’ in the house. “What the-?”

“R-rookie! H-help!”

“Shit!” The boy felt the blood drain from his face and nearly sent the ladle flying as he flashed to the bedroom; finding Sophie on the floor.

“Hey! You okay?!” The young demon was frantic as he got to her side and turned her to face him. Her face looked sickly and covered in a sheet of sweat as her fingers covered her lips while she panted.

‘She looks like she gonna-.”

“R-rookie, take me to the bathroom,” she pleaded as she fought the urge to hurl. Rookie cradled her to his chest as he rushed over to the bathroom connected to the bedroom, and opened the lid to the toilet while leaning her over. He had just made it, as the poor girl emptied her stomach; the demon kind enough to keep her hair out of the way as he rubbed her back. The smell was hard on his sensitive nose yet he stayed put.

It had felt like someone was kicking her in the stomach over and over again every time she emptied her stomach, the smell caused her weak stomach to lurch again; forcing her to hurl again until nothing was left but an inferno in her throat. When she finished, Sophie shivered violently and wept from her ordeal. She heard the toilet flush, as Rookie cradled her to him again as he spoke to her in a hushed tone, “its okay I got you.”

 She could hear the sink turn on and water flow and realized it was Rookie using his magic as he levitated a cup under the facet, filling it with the cool water and floating to his hand and offered it to her. She took a mouthful to wash the horrible taste away and spit it in the toilet, before taking small sips. When she drank as much as she dared she clung to Rookie desperately and whimpered. The young demon noticed her clothes and some of her hair was soaking in sweat and he could smell sickness on her skin. He picked her up again like she was made of glass, and took her back to the bedroom where he began to peel the damp sweater and nightgown off while Sophie seemed to zone in and out of consciousness. He spotted the blood on one of her bandages and checked to find her wound reopened. He quickly grabbed the jar of salve on the nightstand and applied it on the wound, then went to re-soak the cloth for her feverous forehead.

Her heavy lids briefly opened weakly to look up to him, pleadingly before closing. “It’s going to be okay Soph, just hang in there. You’re going to be fine,” he assured her and himself as he tried to remain calm.

‘Damn it don’t you dare die!’

He didn’t dare leave her side after that, as Rookie sat next to the bed; his foot twitching rapidly. He did all he could think of as he waited desperately for Damion to get back, hoping that would lift the girls weak spirit. He watched as Ruby sat at the side with her head resting on the bed, whining for her master who continued to whimper in her sleep, from whatever bad dream she was in. Rookie curled over and gripped his hair roughly; hating the feeling of how useless he was to help her. ‘Damion where are you?!’


Six hours felt like an eternity for the young demon, before he finally heard the door open. Rookie reluctantly left Sophie’s side so he could get Damion; when his mentor walked inside from the dark and cold winds he was covered in ice and snow, you could see his breath seep through the crimson scarf that was wrapped around half his face, and the light tremor in his body as signs of the might demon actually being cold. Ice clung to his hair, eyebrows, and when he pulled down his scarf his goatee as well—even his horns were covered in ice. Damion shook himself free of the loose snow and tried to rub off the ice that clung to his face. He looked through the gap of his fingers to find Rookie look at him, practically shaking like a leaf.

Damion’s throat constricted, knowing something was wrong. “What happened?” His voice sounded hoarse from the harsh cold air.

The young demon tried to get his mouth working again, “I-it’s Sophie. She’s burning up and is covered in sweat; she threw up earlier and hasn’t stopped shaking. I’m sorry—I did what I could, but I can’t bring her temperature down and—!”

Damion didn’t stick around to listen anymore as he dropped the soul bag and weapon and flashed to the bedroom, right by Sophie’s side.  He lifted her head—her hair was damp to the touch, she was shivering as if she was the one out in the blizzard yet her skin was boiling to the touch. Her breathing was too shallow and her soul was wavering.

He sat her up and lightly shook her, “Sophie! Sophie, can you hear me?! Wake up!” He was becoming frantic the longer she remained quiet and still. “Sophie!”

At last her green eyes peeked open from her fluttering lids, but didn’t last as she released a whimper before her head rolled back.

Thinking quickly, Damion casted his levitation spell to start the tub in the connected bathroom and shifter the knobs to adjust the water to a lukewarm temperature; the water flowing out like a waterfall as it quickly began to fill the large tub. Damion picked her up and headed towards the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” Rookie asked at the door frame.

“Breaking the fever,” was his reply before shutting the door with a slam.  He adjusted his hold on Sophie, while approaching the in ground tub and walked in completely clothed and sitting in the cool water; her screwed shut eyes and contorted face showed her discomfort. She reminded him of a helpless newborn as more whimpers escaped her lips and helplessly wiggled in his arms, unable to escape from his firm grasp. When the water rose high enough, Damion turned off the water and continued to hold her head just above water level. The demon gently combed his wet hand over her scalp, cupping handfuls of water to wash over her feverish head and face.

Sophie gasped at the sudden coolness surrounding her and the gently stroking hand on her forehead, and struggled to open her heavy eyelids to see Damion looking down at her with fear etched in his handsome features. She felt so tired…so tired.

“I have the sickness,” she choked out as her hand covered her face, “just like O-Oliver did.”

“Shh Your going to be fine, Sophie,” he whispered as he cupped more water to cool her fever.

Hot tears began to roll down her face, “I-I’m going to die like he did aren’t I?”

He nearly snarled, “No you’re not! It’s not your time to die!” His hold tightened around her, ‘I won’t let you!’

She continued as if she didn’t even hear him, “Could you promise me something?”

The look in her eyes told him she was giving up the fight; the pressure in his chest began to constrict him like a vice grip when he felt her soul beginning to teeter, “Stop it—.”

“Could you bury me next to my parents—?”

“I said stop it!”

“Maybe its better this way; a-at least you won’t have to see me grow old and wither aw—.”

Lips crushed against hers in a bruising kiss as Damion’s hand clasped the back of her head. His hold was desperate, his kiss pleading that left her breathless when he pulled away and held her up to his chest. “Stop it Sophie…just stop it. It’s the fever that’s making you speak such things. Would you really leave behind the people that need you?”

Images of Rosie smiling flashed through her mind… then Granny then Flora and all of her children. She swallowed hard at the thought of leaving them. Then images of Rookie and Damion danced in her memories of the good times and bad times they’ve shared. When Rookie opened up a little more to her and all the pranks he pulled... the night Damion came to find her in the storm and the time when he soothed the pain away from the memories of her scars…the memories of them laughing together.

She felt Damion move his lips to her template, “Don’t give up on living Sophie. We need you…I need you.”

Her heart drummed louder against her chest as a sense to live enveloped her—to stay with the man she loved so dearly. She drew her lower lip into her mouth to prevent the cry that wanted to escape and wrapped her arm around his neck as tight as she could. “I-I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to say those things.”

Damion breathed a sigh of relief when he felt her soul stabilize again. “It’s alright,” he whispered as he gently laid her back in the water, thankful that his quick thinking with the water had her temperature slowly going back down. Her eyes stayed locked to his as he stared down at her, a mortal that became so precious to him… and one that he almost lost this night.

They stayed like that for another 10 minutes until her teeth began to chatter from the cooling water. The demon then rose from the tub with his woman cradled in his arms; the water droplets caressing the lines and curves of their skin before descending.

He took her to the bedroom and dried her with the towels, and removed most of her bandages, except her arm brace, to allow her wounds to breath. Now that her fever was gone the next logical thing was to keep her warm and dry. She soon became naked as a newborn before he put a thin sheet over her, and made her drink some water. He then removed his own soaked clothes and slide on some dry boxers before crawling into bed next to her, and drawing her close to his already warm skin and hooking her cold feet between his, then lastly summoned his right wing to gently caress her body like a blanket; holding her close. He felt her cold nose touch his shoulder as she drew from his heat, and relaxed against him. Damion began to calm to the sound of her strong and steady heartbeat and succumbed with her in sleep.

I would defy death for you.’

(END of ch.13!!! what did you think? Did any of you cry? Up next ch.14 ‘The Little Shrimp’)

1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview".
4. When you're done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. HAVE FUN!!!

tagged by: :iconcyberwriter:

Oc being interviewed: Damion Ch.14 Let it go by kitsunefire7Damn you Damion XD by kitsunefire7Crimson warrior by kitsunefire7Arrogant tall men and adorable little women by kitsunefire7

1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
I was nameless for over a century before Sophie gave me a name. My name is Damion, and I am a soul collector. Attack On Titan Icon: Levi 
2. Interesting... what's your current age?
I turned 122 years this winter. Levi Rivaille (Opinion) [V3] 
3. Uh-huh. What's your favorite food?
 Everything that Sophie cooks is a delicacy to my taste buds. Attack On Titan Icon: Sasha Eating Bread 
4. And your favorite drink?
 Coffee. Black.Nem Morning 
5. Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?
 Levi Rivaille (Worried) [V1] Sophie is my lover. I was drawn to her the night I came for her cousins soul...Her uncle made a deal with me to trade her soul for his and I surprisingly took it. I brought her to my home to live with out a clue what to do with her, and then the next thing I knew I couldn't get her out of my mind, and I began to feel all of these emotions because of her.Yato (Blush) [V1] Turns out she felt the same for me. 
6. Aww! Have you kissed yet?
Taiga and Ryuuji (Never ending kiss) [V1] Obviously. Levi1 And we would have gotten farther on many different occasions if it were for all the bastards who keep cock-blocking me!  
7. Classic question! What's your favorite color?
Red, I guess.WTF? emoticon But I've taken a liking to green and gold. <,<Ooh... 
8. Who's your favorite author?
I have a particular liking to William Shakespeare's works. shakespeare 
9. Now what's your biggest fear? 
Levi3 Losing Sophie. 
10. *stifles a giggle* "I'm not laughing..." *bursts out laughing* Sorry. Any siblings?
Levi Rivaille (Comfort) [V3] None that I know of. My memory was erased when I became a soul collector so I wouldn't know if I had siblings when i was human. 
11. Almost done, it's only twenty questions. Who's your hero?
Levi Rivaille (Orders) [V2]  No one, but if I had to choose someone it would be myself. Sophie calls me her 'dark warrior.' That will have to do.
12. Who's your worst enemy?
 Shrug I have many enemies.
Levi Rivaille (Tornado Slash) [V1]Their are the soul eaters I slay at night. 
Levi Rivaille (Talks) [V2]  Theirs Sam a little punk that I will beat to a bloody pulp and leave his corpse to the soul eaters like I did to Sophie's Uncle if he ever touches her.
Levi Rivaille (Time to Kill) [V2] Rook, though a good friend will be mounted on my trophy wall if he continues to cock block me or ever turns Sophie into a child or worse, ever again.
Levi Rivaille (Preparing) [Shingeki no Kyojin]  The old goat and his Rookie's if they ever betray my secret of Sophie living with me.
Levi Rivaille (Sword Throw) And finally the Dark Lord for all he's done (in book 2 and 3). I swear I will beat him and be free of his control.

13. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together? 
Titan Eren-04 [V1] Titan Eren-03 [V1] I will bring hell down on to anyone or anything that threaten what is mine.Hades is ticked off
14. Interesting... what would you do if you met your creator?
Levi (Replies Back) [V4]  I get to have several visits with Jessica every day. Oh and Jess? Al emotion - Frowning Sharp Teeth Smile Enough of the cock-blocking!
15. Okay, I'll contact them right now. Done! Now, what do you want to be when you grow up? 
Jak Rolls Eyes ...Uh I'm already am grown up. So this question is invalid. 
16. What's your worst nightmare? 
Eren Yeager (Revenge) [V4] That I will lose everything that is precious to me. 
17.What's your life-long dream?
Eren Yeager (Anger) [V1] To be free from the dark lord, so that I can have a life with Sophie, and to be able to give her what I cannot now; a family. hard times 
18.What would you do if your life-long dream came true?
Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada (Crying) I would never ask for anything else for the rest of my life.
19. Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?
The library, the hot tube, the bedroom, Sophie's greenhouse, Kirito (Yawn) [V1]and the skies when I need to fly. My wings were big just epic 
20. Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?
batman beyond gif terry mcginnis batman beyond gif terry mcginnis batman beyond gif terry mcginnis batman beyond gif terry mcginnis At night I slay soul eaters and collect souls.

Eugene blushing! During the day I train with Rook.young loveAnd every moment i can, be with Sophie.  
21. We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT.
I tag:
NONE I already did this once.

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